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Client Testimonials

They did a wonderful job...

8/2/2016 – They did a wonderful job at my home, courteous, quick, and I haven’t seen any ants, earwigs, or spiders! Highly recommend.

Cindy M., Reno, NV

Highly recommend!

10/8/2017 – Mega Pest is just amazing! Right home from the hospital from having my daughter we came home to a house full of ants. Peek of summer we had previously called our landlord and they sprayed but it didn’t work. Called Mega Pest same day and within 1 hour they had someone spraying my house. Highly recommend! Thank you Mega Pest.
Stefanie M.

Thanks Mega Pest!

9/8/2016 – I highly recommend Mega Pest. I found a scorpion in my bed and yes, I admit it, I freaked out. I called six local Reno pest control companies and Mega Pest was the only one that answered their phone (yes, out of SIX!). Thank goodness, too, because they turned out to be a fantastic business to deal with. Personable while also being professional, these guys know customer service. Arturo came out within a few days and put the smackdown on any creepy crawlers in and outside our home. I was offered a free touch up within a certain time period of any other pesky problems occured, and today I discovered the nasty yellowjackets Mega Pest had battled have returned to their nest. No problem, I just got off the phone with these nice people and they’ll be back in a few days to take care of things.
Great company, no contracts required like most big national companies. No pressure like the big companies, just plain good folks running an honest and effective business. I discovered a friend of mine with multiple rental properties uses Mega Pest exclusively, and I can see why. Thanks Mega Pest!
Lesli V., Reno, NV

We will continue to use their services...

10/27/2016 – We used Mega Pest for an inspection on a home we are purchasing and Francisco was very thorough in his inspection. He was very professional and friendly – he went over the details of what he did not find with me and provided me with contact information if I had any questions or concerns. We will continue to use their services and I would highly recommend them.
Faith C., Reno, NV

Keep up the good work!

12/16/2015 – Mega Pest is always my go to recommendation to clients for inspections or work. Always quick to respond and do their best to accommodate your schedule. I’ve Used them on my own home purchase and pest spray. Keep up the good work!
Jordan A., Reno, NV