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Common Pests

Ants feeding and nesting habits may conflict with our home or business lifestyle at any season. One problem with ants often occurs in the winter months when they forage for food indoors.

The Carpenter Ant, which is black or dark brown in color, can cause structural damage by chewing and nesting in wooden structure such as homes and office buildings.

The Pharaoh Ant is small and yellow or pale red in color. This pest adapts well to nesting indoors and can mechanically transport disease.

Spraying at any season is recommended to keep any infestation under control.

Box Elder Beetles

The box elder beetle is found mostly on box elder trees as well as Maple and Ash trees. They are black or dark brown with red wing veins and markings on the abdomen. Their nymph are bright red. They are also known as a stink bug, releasing a pungent, bad tasting compound upon being disturbed.
Cockroaches are oval, flattened, fast moving insects and may be reddish-brown, tan or black in color. They are nocturnal and rarely seen during the day. If spotted in daylight, the infestation is usually heavy. Cockroaches are suspected of contributing to the spread of diseases such as dysentery, diarrhea, and food poisoning.
Scorpions are attracted to moisture during the dry weather months. To discourage scorpions around the home, remove potential cover such as stones, lumber and other debris. When exposed to ultra-violet light or black light, scorpions will appear a light yellow-green color.
Many types of spiders can be found in Nevada. Most common in Nevada are the Black widow, desert brown, wolf, jumping, orb, and cobweb spiders. Although all spiders produce venom, very few pose a significant health threat. Some spider species found in homes are attracted to water sources, while others prefer warm and dry undisturbed sites. Movement of spiders into homes greatly accelerates after cool weather arrives in early fall.
Rodents thrive in a wide variety of environmental conditions. In addition to eating human and pet food, rodents contaminate food, destroy structures, cause fires by gnawing, transmit diseases, and harbor parasites of medical and veterinary importance. The main rodents found in Nevada are the house mouse, white-footed mouse and the roof rat.

Silverfish/Firebrats are flattened insects that are broad near the head and tapered toward the rear of the abdomen. They are wingless and covered in scales. Silverfish/Firebrats are commonly found under boxes, boards and other debris. They are attracted to moist conditions.